Nov 21, 2017

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Dec 2, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016 !

What an incredible year its been and we would like to take this opportunity to wish all previous and future couples who we have been given the absolute pleasure of shooting their very special days a very Merry Christmas and an even better new year!

Just a reminder! - We have now branched out in the Waikato & Bay of Plenty areas! So if you are planning on getting married and on the lookout for a quality yet very affordable Wedding Photographer please feel free to checkout our official website

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Christmas & holidays! :)


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Feb 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's that time of year once again and to celebrate we are offering $100 discount on all wedding photography packages :)

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Feb 8, 2015

Choosing a wedding celebrant

Wedding celebrants can be anyone who has the qualifications to perform marriage ceremonies. These include ministers, rabbis, pastors and priests. All those who have no affiliation to a religion are independent marriage celebrants.

Wedding celebrants have been called this since the establishment of the Civil Union Act 2004. All are licensed to perform weddings under the Marriage Act 1955, with some approved and registered to perform civil union ceremonies under the 2004 Act.
Independent wedding celebrants in southern New Zealand are in demand by local couples and those who travel from around the globe to be married at the many spectacular locations in Dunedin, Queenstown, Wanaka and wider Otago and Southland.
Many couples choose an outdoor location of special significance to hold their wedding ceremony. This might be the garden of the family home or holiday house, or spectacular venues such as the beach, lakeside or skifield. Wedding celebrants take any challenge in their stride.
Sound systems are increasingly used by wedding celebrants, who either offer their own or work in with a professional sound engineer. The latter is more expensive for the couple but means guests are ensured of hearing every word.

Here are key points as to how wedding celebrants operate:- 
  • They start work with a couple by advising on the many forms of wedding service, assisting those who wish to write their own and advising on the legal procedures.
  • Remember their fees vary considerably from area to area and cover the consultation, development of the ceremony, dress rehearsal and wedding-day ceremony. If travelling out of their area a travel fee is negotiated.
  • Confirmation of a booking is required, usually within about two weeks of the couple making an inquiry (celebrants are in high demand!).
  • Couples nominate two choices for the venue of the ceremony on the licence application (one a wet-weather option) and celebrants are legally bound to conduct the service at either of those places. In the case of a serious disaster the celebrant can instantly apply for a change of venue.
  • Most wedding ceremonies last from 15 to 20 minutes, but this can vary depending on the the couple.
  • It is a personal choice whether a couple write their own service or choose from the celebrant's wide selection.
  • Eloping couples who wish to be married by a celebrant need two witnesses at the ceremony.
  • Although not essential, celebrants recommend a practice run-through of the ceremony the day before.
  • Celebrants do not usually attend the wedding reception, but may be invited to join the couple and guests for a celebratory drink immediately after the ceremony.
TIP: In selecting a wedding celebrant couples should ensure their choice is the right ``fit'' and should not feel they must engage the first celebrant they meet.
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Jan 21, 2015

How to find the perfect Wedding Photographer


The unfortunate thing about your big day is that it is, well, only one day. Fortunately, the right wedding photographer can gorgeously preserve the entire event's happenings, the emotions, and the fun—forever! One perfect picture can instantly take you back to the happiest day of your life, and one perfect album can become your favorite coffee table book.

When it comes to professional photography, most shutterbugs start out by shooting weddings. This can mean wading through a lot of prospective hires before you find the right fit for you. Below are simple tips for finding a photographer who will articulate the event exactly how you want to remember it.

Start Searching Immediately

So, you just got engaged—Congratulations! Now start looking for a wedding photographer. The truth is, the best professional photographers book their schedules a year in advance, so hiring someone is one of the first things you should do after you've set the date.

However, if your plans call for an out-of-season wedding or a Sunday ceremony, there is a good chance your chosen photographer is available. Give yourself six months to find the photographer of your dreams if you're having a more uniquely timed wedding.

Tap Into Your Network

Good wedding photographers have a reputation for success and can even be local celebrities. They should be the easiest to find, but that doesn't mean they're the best for you. Start your search by crowdsourcing recommendations from friends and family who have planned weddings in the last few years, and ask your married friends if you can peruse their photo albums. Look to Facebook pages and professional websites for samples of work, blog posts, and client reviews.

The other professionals involved in your wedding day festivities will have worked with various photographers in the past. Ask for recommendations from your wedding planner, venue manager, caterer, baker, florist or limousine driver—it's (literally) their business to have such contacts.

Narrow Down Your Options

Once you have a list of your top choice photographers, take an in-depth look into their services to begin eliminating candidates who aren't a good fit. Determine which photographer will meet your budget as well as your specific needs. Consider how well they perform in different settings and environments. For example, if you are throwing a beach wedding, it makes sense to find a photographer who is proficient at outdoor photography.

Think about the emotional tone that you want your photos to express. Are you and your fiancé serious and traditional, or do you prefer a more light-hearted and playful theme? A talented photographer can listen to your vision and articulate it perfectly, so you should see tonal variation in their sample work.

Conduct Your Interviews

After narrowing your selection of wedding photographers down to around three, make appointments to interview the candidates. Likely, the photographer will have two or three wedding albums available to show. Make sure you see at least one album of an entire wedding, from start to finish, preferably something that is comparable to what your wedding will be like in physical setting and emotional tone. After examining all of the sample work closely, request to see another set of photographs from a recent wedding. This will enable you to see both his best work from the pre-selected albums and his average daily work. Some things to keep in mind:

Examine the basics of the pictures such as color, clarity, exposure, graininess and composition.
Determine the photographer's style—does she shoot photos that are adventurous and artistic, or are they standard and ordinary?
Do the guests look natural or self-conscious?
Do the photos capture the emotional tone organically, or does do the couple's poses feel forced?
Be sure to leave the interview knowing the highest vs. average quality of the photographer's work, their visual style, and if she will adjust their style to your ideal taste. Their willingness to work closely with you to satisfy you as a client is key to producing an exceptional result, and a professional knows that.

Gauge Their Professionalism

While not all amateur photographers are created equal, the best way to guarantee that you will receive a quality wedding album is to hire a seasoned professional with a solid and varied background of nuptial experiences from which to draw.

During your interview, find out how many weddings the photographer has shot over how many years. He may have been a professional photographer for 15 years but only doing weddings for the past year. Remember, wedding photography is much different than any other type of photography; the pressure is high and the emotional energy is not suited for everyone.

Be sure to ask if the photographer has shot at your wedding venue before. If he has, he may already know where to stand to get the perfect shot or how to incorporate the church's ancient stained glass in a uniquely engaging way.

With such experience comes not only the knowledge of how to photograph a wedding, but also how to act during the ceremony and reception. For example, how will he dress and how will he act around your wedding party and guests? Beautiful photos capturing the smiles of family and friends are just as important as the multitude taken of the bride and groom. And speaking of which, he'll be by your side just about as much as anyone in the party, and then some—how well do your personalities mesh? Will his presence be an asset or a burden? Truly, a wedding photographer's charm and ability to put everyone at ease is as important a skill as the actual photography.

Discuss Photography Equipment

Although you may not be a professional yourself, you should know what type of camera and equipment your photographer will be using. You may find that you are more particular about it than you think. For example, there are advantages to both digital and film that you may want to consider. You should also ask what program she uses to edit the photos—if a photographer says they don't edit, run!

Asking about equipment, gathering information on your options, and forming opinions on preferences shows that you are confident in your vision and helps you to convey it fully.

Determine Costs and Sign the Contract

While you want to book your photographer for the date of your wedding immediately, make sure you read over the legal details of exactly what you will get before signing the contract. Ensure the photographer you meet with is the photographer who will show up on your wedding day and if you should expect a second cameraperson or assistant. Determine what parts of your wedding day will be covered and how many hours you have with your photographer. Clear communication and reiteration of the details of the ceremony, the reception, and the specific types of photographs you want is crucial. In all, the contract is in place to remind both you and the photographer of the services you agreed upon.

With these tips, you are on your way to finding the perfect photographer to fits your wedding day's style. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us!

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Jan 18, 2015

Getting Married? WHERE TO START! Planning Guide

Often I get asked what do couples normally request for their Wedding Photography so I've compiled a comprehensive MUST HAVE list smile emoticon

Do you require a Photographer for your big day? AMK Photography are now taking bookings for 2015 / 2016 !

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Getting Ready

► Wedding dress on a hanger
► Wedding invitation
► Engagement ring and wedding bands
► Bride and bridesmaids' bouquets
► Bride's jewelry
► Bride applying makeup
► Bridesmaids and/or mother of the bride helping the bride into her dress
► Putting on the veil
► Groom tying his tie
► Groom pinning boutonniere on his father
► Father pinning boutonniere on the groom
► Leaving for the ceremony

Before the Bride and Groom See Each Other

► Bride alone
► Bride with mom and dad
► Bride with dad
► Bride with mom
► Bride with immediate family
► Bride with siblings
► Generational shot: Bride, mom, sister(s), grandmother
► Bride with mom and mother-in-law
► Bride with mother-in-law
► Bride with bridesmaids
► Bride with maid of honor
► Bride with flower girl(s)

For more info please feel free to contact us on Ph-021 111 5065 or visit us at

Congratulations to the newly engaged couples of 2015 :)

CONGRATULATIONS!! If you're recently engaged!  

To help you out with your planning AMK Wedding Photography have compiled a comprehensive list to help plan your big day! 

Weddings are all about planning! If you’ve ever wanted to scratch up on your ‘time management’ skills, it’s now! We’re here to lend a helping hand by compiled a must-read checklist to get you ready for your walk down the aisle.

Decide on your wedding size and start drawing up your guest list.If you have children, ask them to be part of your wedding party — a great way to involve them in your union.Start searching for ceremony and reception sites.8-10 MONTHS BEFORE:
Start shopping for your dress. If you’ll be wearing something that requires a few alterations, or doesn’t need to be ordered, you can wait until six months before.Book a photographer and videographer. If your wedding will be casual, have relatives bring their own cameras and video equipment.Book your florist.Envision the entertainment. Will you book a band or DJ? Full orchestra or quartet? Perhaps your uncle’s Polka band?6-8 MONTHS BEFORE
Decide on a menu. For an informal affair, have a barbecue or luncheon at “your” restaurant.Consider letting your bridesmaids pick their own dresses — you choose the colour.Start planning your honeymoon (and arrange a babysitter for the kids).Start working on a song list. For a backyard bash, make a CD or fill your iPod with your favourites.4-6 MONTHS BEFORE
Attend pre-wedding counselling (if needed).Start shopping for invitations (including children in the wording is a thoughtful touch).Start shopping for wedding rings.Choose the groom’s attire — it can be as casual as chinos and a polo, or as formal as a tux.3 MONTHS BEFORE
Hire wedding day transportation.Order wedding rings (consider inscribing your names and your children’s names on the inside).Order family medallions (placed around the neck of each child during the ceremony to symbolize the creation of a new family).Finalise your guest list.Attend parties in your honour (have a joint shower with a cool theme like wine tasting!).2 MONTHS BEFORE
Mail invitations.Writing your own vows? Start now.Find out and apply for the necessary legal requirements (depending where you're planning on getting married.1 MONTH BEFORE
Make last minute adjustments to flowers and music.Make wedding programs detailing how you met and who your families are.Have final dress fittings if necessary — make sure your bridesmaids and bridal party do this too!TWO WEEKS AND COUNTING
Check your marriage license has arrived.Get one last haircut or trim before the big day.Make a list of songs you want to play, and songs you can’t bear to hear.Call guests who haven’t returned their RSVPs.1 WEEK BEFORE
Give caterers a final head count.Make a seating chart (a modern tradition is to sit with your kids, if you have any, rather than with your bridal party).Confirm all arrangements.2-3 DAYS BEFORE
Get a manicure (If either of you has a daughter, take her, too).Attend the rehearsal dinner.Reconfirm your flower order (where and when they will be delivered).Organise payment for final balances.Enlist someone to return hired supplies after the wedding.Assign someone the task of dealing with questions or problems during the party.Make sure all professionals have an emergency phone number to call you on the wedding day.Make sure your dress is steamed and ready to go; ditto for the groom’s attire.NIGHT BEFORE
Get a good night’s sleep!Document in a journal how you felt before your big day. This will be great to reflect on during future anniversaries.
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